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Yi Jiang Nan Brand 1.67 Index Photochromic Progressive Wide Field Free Form Transition Brown Lenses Anti Glare Colored Lensses




FQA for Prescription Lenses


 1. Can you make Glasses according to my Prescription?  

We are Professional Eyeglasses Supplier, we cooperate with lots of Frame and Lenses Factories and we can also customize every type Lenses according to the buyer’s requirement.


2. What’s information i need to provide?

We need Right and Left eye SPH, Cylinder, Axis, ADD & PD. (some people don’t have cylinder, axis or add, then only need provide SPH and PD). 

Recipe example:




3.  What’s PD or How can i measure my PD (Pupil Distance) ?

Women standard PD is 62 mm, Men standard PD is 64 mm, please measure as picture. Try 3 times and see the average value.




 4. How much shall i pay for the Glasses?

Frame + Lenses = Total Cost, Lenses cutting and assembling is free charge. Lenses cost will be depend on the prescription. All the lenses price is for 1 pair (2 pieces)


5. How can i select Lenses as per my Prescription?

Please provide your prescription, we will give you best advice according with your Frame and Prescription.


6. Can i buy Lenses separately?

Yes, you can.


7. When you will ship the ready Glasses?

We will ship it within about 3-4 days for normal prescription glasses.

For the special prescription lenses ( for exmaple: High Cylinder, Progressive Lenses, Progressive Photochromic , High Index Photochromic Lenses....) it takes about 4 - 10 working days.


8. Quality Guarantee. 

We will test every glasses prescription before shipment to make sure every glasses is correct.

When you feel the prescription is wrong, then please contact with us, we will check the data at our side ( we will keep 3 years for every glasses prescription ).

when we confirmed prescription have no problem at our side, then please check the prescription at your side, and test the glasses in your optical shop.

 we will refund you if we made wrong lenses, or you return the glasses by post, we will make new glasses for you , and we will pay the shipping cost.

Some people don’t feel well if they didn’t use progressive lenses before, it takes about 7 days to be used of it.  


FQA for Prescription Lenses
1. Can You Make Glasses According with My Prescription?
We are Professional Eyeglasses and Lenses Supplier, we can customize all types of Lenses according with your requirements, install lenses to the frame and send you ready glasses.
2. What\'s Information I need to provide?
We need Right and Left eye SPH, Cylinder, Axis, ADD & PD. (Send Doctore\'s Recipe by Attachment is the Best) 
3. How Much Shall I Pay for The Glasses?
Frame + Lenses = Total Cost.  Lenses cutting and assembling is free of cost.  
4. How Can I Select Lenses as per My Prescription?
Please provide us your prescription, we will give you best advice according with your Frame and Prescription. 
5. Quality Guarantee.
We tested and adjusted every glasses before shipping to make sure lenses is correct and glasses in good condition. 
If you find any problem when received goods, then please contact with us, we will solve it for you. we will check with optician and prescription data, if no problem be found in our side, then please test the glasses in your local optical shop. if you confirmed lenses is wrong, then we will make new lenses for you and you install it to the frame, or refund you, or you return the glasses by post (we will pay return shipping cost), we will make new glasses for you.