1.56 Index Progressive Photochromic Lenses Progressive Aspheric Lenses Myopia Hyperopia Optical Sunglasses Lenses

1.56 Index Progressive Photochromic Lenses Progressive Aspheric Lenses Myopia Hyperopia Optical Sunglasses Lenses
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Note: this lenses is only can make for single Sphere,  if your prescription have astigmatism(cylinder), please don\'t buy this lens, please read this before buy!









Lenses kinds: Progressive photochromic multi-bifocal HC CR-39 resin aptitude lenses
Diopter:   Distance    +300/-600/plano
                 Near     +100 ~ +350

   (astigmatism must be custom for 5 days, special diopter please contact our customer service)


Please send us your right prescription to our email before order, this is a RX paper for your reference:

Presbyopia definition:

 With increasing age the human body, human eye lens flexibility gradually weakened, the ciliary muscle
 Correspondingly decreased muscle strength, resulting in people seeing near objects appear blurred. Presbyopia quantitative definition of accommodative power ≤ 4D, the near point distance ≥ 0.25m.


Symptoms of presbyopia:
 1, in a weak environment, especially the small words on the reading difficulties
 2, reading books or newspapers, away from the eyes will feel comfortable reading
 3, writing, reading, doing fine hand work can not be sustained when
 4, reading the newspaper, took off his glasses more comfortable
 5, the time to buy things, read the wrong price
 6, when compared with the young, to read books or newspapers stronger brightness, because the increase with age, cataract began.




Progressive lenses suitable for middle-aged people:

 1.Usually do not wear reading glasses after age 40 people do not know

 2.School teachers, employees of leading enterprises and institutions (such as banking, telecommunications sector, foreign company, etc.), civil servants, etc.

 3.Anisometropia, monocular vision, a high degree of astigmatism can wear

 4.The age of 40 - 55 years old most likely to wear


 We can assemble the complete glasses, can supply spherical and aspherical lenses.


1. In order to make out a perfect frame to fit for your face, we need to know your measurement and PD, please inform us the following: 
These 3 points we need to know to make the lenses:
 1). Diopter: left = (-5.00), right = (-5.00)       ------- this is an example for your reference.
 2). For PD: (pupil distance, the distance from the centre of left eye to the centre of right eye)
If it\'s inconvenience to go to optical shop or hospital, you can measure several times by yourself, check the following photo and it\'s very clear to see the size:
          (Right eye)  l--------------PD size------------l    (Left eye)
 3). Cylinder(Astigmatism): If your eye have cylinder, please provide the power of cylinder and axis.



You can add a pair of lens for your frame, please send us your Rx that you can scan or photo it, thanks.