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Oписание продукта




1.All you give us data must be accurate without error, and it is your optometrist told you, not the REF.DATA(Reference Data).
Once you determine the prescription after we couldn\'t change it.
2.Make sure your prescription was measurement recently.
3.In the prescription, + (Plus Sign)means presbyopic glasses, - (Minus Sign) means myopia glasses.
4.This glasses is high clear lenses glasses,may be have a few uncomfortable in the beginning.
If you have,Don\'t worry, this is is a normal reation,  you need some days to get used to it.
5.If you want to a plain glasses(zreo-power lenses glasses  ), as decorative, also let me know, thanks.
If you didn\'t send the prescription to us and no contact us within 3 days, we will default to send a plain glasses to you.